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Techniques & Choreo

This page will be the technical guts of the site and will include:

  1. General discussion of different teaching techniques and how they may be applied to address the different learning styles described in Philosophy and Theory;
  2. Specific techniques applied to specific calls or combinations of calls (again with reference to applicable learning styles and challenges);
  3. Choreography for giving dancers practice in specific applications of calls
    1. We will talk about how to discern what is actually taught in a given application and teach.  Precedent and subsequent calls.
    2. Also recognition of beginning and end of call and blending one call to the next.  Also counter-dancing/square breathing.
  4. Other learning objectives (these objectives are intended to round out the dancers or complement their learning of the calls.)
    1. Dancing to a singing call
    2. styling/counter-dancing
    3. History and heritage
    4. other dance forms (line dance, round dance, contra.)
  5. Techniques will address specific populations and objectives such as
    1. Children
    2. Developmentally Disabled
    3. Senior Citizens
    4. Occasional Dancers (dancing infrequently)
    5. One-time dancers (the "Quick Teach" assuming no retention beyond the single session.)

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